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Office and Commercial Cleaning Service

office-cleaningIt is important to have a clean working environment. If you have a nice and clean working environment then you work there with fresh mind and body and really use your complete skill set and be really productive at whatever that you do. Mary's Office Cleaning thinks about it seriously and we are among the best office cleaners in the whole of London.

We believe that as a constant portion of our time is spent in our job environment, it is essential to have it cleaned in a proper way as it is done by Mary's Office Cleaning. We take great care in cleaning your commercial place of whatever kind. We can clean it properly whether it is a large office or a smaller one, we can make sure that it is clean.

Mary’s Office Cleaning comes in handy. We can provide you a 24/7 service which to help you with all your inquiries and office cleaning queries. We are based in London and provide the complete range of cleaning services. Mary’s Office Cleaning is ready to offer you cleaning support in London and we are available just a call away. Call right now on 07518 895578 for all your cleaning queries. You can also leave us an email at which will be abruptly answered by our support staff.

commercialCleaningYou can order us exact instructions regarding the cleaning of your office and we Mary’s Office Cleaning will produce you such cleaning performance that will totally fulfill your instructions and turn your office into a clean and tidy place. We are totally committed to working perfectly for cleaning your office or commercial area. We are very efficient though and will not cost you more than the competition although our work is definitely of a superior quality due to the enthusiasm.

We Mary’s Office Cleaning do not leave our presence in your office but we do leave such cleanliness that all your staff will definitely notice it and feel healthy in a much cleaner working environment.
We also appreciate your feedback and like to provide a regular service to our clients. We are also experts at cleaning any kind of commercial area. This may include housing, offices or even a set of apartments that are collectively used as an office. You can also order our office cleaning services according to your specific needs. We will make sure that will continue to give the standard and quality of service that you expect from us. All kinds of feedback are truly appreciated at Mary’s Office Cleaning to further improve your cleaning experience with us.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning packages are quite simple and they are mentioned just like our home service packages that are described above.

2 hours weekly

From £13.00 p/h

3 - 5 hours weekly

From  £12.00 p/h

6 - 9 hours weekly

From  £11.50 p/h

10+ hours weekly

From  £11.00 p/h

All rates are for one cleaner.

Please call 07518895578 for a quote or to send your inquiry.