Mary’s Cleaning Service is a family run business and it is only available in some selected boroughs and districts of London. We have limited but high quality staffs which is dedicated to cleaning your home, apartment or office and it is also quite passionate about it. Our rates are very modest and competitive and follow the level of professionalism that we show once a contract is made with our valued customer. Our customers should be sure that we give them the best possible deal and they will never be asked to pay any hidden charges or any other expenses other than these mentioned prices. For any query regarding our prices or if you desire a booking, you may call us at 07518895578. We offer different kinds of cleaning services that are paired together in a way as to cater to the cleaning issues of the people of London. Here we mention all the prices according to our provided services.

Domestic Cleaning

Regular Prices

  • £12 per hour per cleaner for 2-3 hours for regular domestic cleaning - weekly.
  • £11 per hour per cleaner for 4-5 hours for regular domestic cleaning - weekly.
  • £10 per hour per cleaner for 6+ hours for regular domestic cleaning -  weekly.
  • £14 per hour per cleaner for 3 hours for regular domestic cleaning - fortnightly.
  • £13 per hour per cleaner for 4 hours for regular domestic cleaning  - fortnightly.
  • £15 per hour per cleaner for One-off and Spring cleaning -minimum 5 hours.

All price are subject to availability.

Please note: There is a requirement for minimum of 2 hours per cleaning visit. You are responsible for providing all the cleaning materials and equipment needed for the cleaning.

Carpets - Steam Cleaning

We have a comprehensive pricing system for carpet cleaning which is done by Mary’s Cleaning Service through the method of Steam Cleaning. All the detail is neatly mentioned here.

Bedroom small to 10m2 £ 20
Bedroom mid 15m2 - 20m2 £ 25
Bedroom 20m2 and up £ 27
Dining/Living £ 27
Through lounge £ 45
By the step £ 2
Hallway £ 15
Flights stairs £ 24
Landing £ 5
Rug large £ 25
Rug small £ 15
Study/Small room £ 18
Bathroom £ 7
Toilet/WC sink £ 5
Carpet Fiber Protection (Scotchguard) £15 per unit.
Stain Removal £20 per unit.

Office/Commercial £1.30 - 1.60 per sq/m. Free quotes given on site.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning packages are quite simple and they are mentioned just like our home service packages that are described above.

3 to 5 hours weekly £10
5 to 10 hours weekly £9.5
10 to 20 hours weekly £9
20 and more hours £8

Please call 07518895578 for a quote or to send your inquiry.


We take fixed charges of £11 per hour per person required.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

It is a very important cleaning period for any building whether it be a house, apartment or an office. You really want to make sure that the place is delivered back to the owner as clean as it was delivered to you. We make sure at Mary’s Cleaning Services that we perform a thorough cleaning in this important package.

Studio flat from £90
One bedroom flat from £108
Two bedrooms flat from £127
Three bedrooms flat from £157
One bedroom house one Bed from £135
Two bedrooms house from £160
Three bedrooms house from £190
Four bedrooms house from £ 220
Five bedrooms house from £255

End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning

We also offer the double package of End of Tenancy with Carpet Cleaning because it is a typical situation faced by most of our clients in London. We offer quite moderate rates for these combined services which will surely attract you if you have such a need in London.

Studio flat with carpets from £120
One bedroom flat with carpets from £135
Two bedrooms flat with carpets from £157
Three bedrooms flat with carpets from £208
One bedroom house with carpets from £150
Two bedrooms house with carpets from £194
Three bedrooms house with carpets from £242
Four bedrooms house with carpets from £290
Five bedrooms house with carpets from £340

Some Important Notes

• Now that you have a look at most of our packages, you will find that we tend to offer a price for the completion of all tasks especially the end of tenancy and carpet cleaning. Most cheap companies offer you a very low hourly rate which really is not good as they take a lot of time in cleaning and cost you much more but in disguise. We at Mary’s Cleaning are open and straight forward with you. We make sure that you will not overspend and be out of budget for a cleaning activity.

• Please note that we may have to charge congestion and parking fees if it is needed in your geographical area.

• Our customers should be sure that we take from you what we mention here. There are no hidden charges in our quotations and we like to do good business with you on clear terms that are open and transparent to both parties. You can call us at 0751 8895 578 to get the best custom offer for your cleaning problems.

• Mary’s Cleaning Service can provide special discounted rates for Landlords and Agents who have a number of owned properties that frequently need Pre Lease and End Lease property cleans.

• It is important to note that these are standard prices and may not apply to your property and location. Please call or email us to take a free and relevant quotation according to your own and required cleaning services from us.

• If you have any custom cleaning job that is not mentioned here then you can freely contact us via any medium and we will be more than happy to give you a customized individual quote.