End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy CleaningMary’s Tenancy Cleaning is amongst the top cleaning service providers in London and it is a selection of many landlords and agents who have to use the End of Tenancy cleaning service. Our expert employees give a lot of importance to small details and you will find that the end of tenancy cleaning done by Mary’s Tenancy Cleaning is perfect and the house or apartment becomes brand new and can easily be given out again for rental purposes.

We Mary’s Tenancy Cleaning has vast experience in knowing what estate agents and landlords expect.

When moving out of a property are required to have a professional end of tenancy clean, but choosing the right company tenancy cleaning to do it can be difficult. Every nook of your property will be cleaned from top to toe to help you make sure you get your take deposit back .

Mary’s Tenancy Cleaning comes in handy. We can provide you a 24/7 service which to help you with all your tenancy cleaning queries. Call right now on 07518 895578 for all your and tenancy service queries. You can also leave us an email at info@maryscleaning.co.uk which will be abruptly answered by our support staff.

Mary’s Tenancy Cleaning standard essential services include:

  • Complete and thorough washing and drying of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • All cupboards that are visible and perfectly washing clean.
  • All rooms are vacuum and no vacant space is left.
  • Floors are also cleaning washed to make them look as new.

Our end of tenancy cleaning department work in a strict cleaning list, ensuring everything is cleaned to perfection.

end-of-tenancyIf you issues - just ask!

Mary’s Tenancy Cleaning is thorough, consistent and affordable.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of professional Tenancy Cleaning - and we guarantee it!

Mary’s Tenancy Cleaning is completely reliable.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

It is a very important cleaning period for any building whether it be a house, apartment or an office. You really want to make sure that the place is delivered back to the owner as clean as it was delivered to you. We make sure at Mary’s Cleaning Services that we perform a thorough cleaning in this important package.

Studio flat from £90
One bedroom flat from £108
Two bedrooms flat from £127
Three bedrooms flat from £157
One bedroom house one Bed from £135
Two bedrooms house from £160
Three bedrooms house from £190
Four bedrooms house from £ 220
Five bedrooms house from £255

End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning

We also offer the double package of End of Tenancy with Carpet Cleaning because it is a typical situation faced by most of our clients in London. We offer quite moderate rates for these combined services which will surely attract you if you have such a need in London.

Studio flat with carpets from £120
One bedroom flat with carpets from £135
Two bedrooms flat with carpets from £157
Three bedrooms flat with carpets from £208
One bedroom house with carpets from £150
Two bedrooms house with carpets from £194
Three bedrooms house with carpets from £242
Four bedrooms house with carpets from £290
Five bedrooms house with carpets from £340